Connect. Capture. Close.

CarCode® makes it easy for customers to text and buy from you.

Why CarCode ®

CarCode® allows customers to initiate a sales or service conversation with your dealership via text message. While some CRM's have texting solutions for customer follow up, only CarCode® allows customers to start the sales conversation with your dealership.

  • Increased conversion from today's mobile shopper
  • Better ROI on marketing dollars you spend to drive traffic to your website
  • High quality contacts, with real cell phone numbers
  • TCPA compliant solution built to meet dealers’ specific needs

The Advantage

Connect with the readier-to-buy car shopper

Increase leads by 30%
Mobile shoppers open 98% of their text messages, compared to 22% of emails
40% who buy, do so within 2 days

"We implemented the CarCode® texting feature and it has dramatically helped us with our closing ratio and client satisfaction. I think it’s due to the fact that it leads to an immediate reply to clients’ queries."

– Vick Pravin, Internet Sales Director, Glendale Infiniti, CA

Easy to use - here’s how

  • Your dealership is assigned a local number so customers can connect easily
  • When a customer texts, a notification is sent to all assigned salespeople
  • Salesperson responds using the Edmunds CarCode® dashboard on their desktop or mobile phone
  • Conversations are tracked directly in your CRM and customers can opt out (TCPA compliant)

Text your way to more closed deals

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