CarCode Best Practices

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Maximizing CarCode

Texting Tips

Getting Started*

* Please refer to your Quick Start Guide for additional details

Setting Up Service

CarCode can support multiple departments. Many mobile website customers will text about service, so separating the leads helps you to respond efficiently.

  • Request a free dedicated service number.
  • Repeat the setup steps described for sales (assign dealership hours, notifications, etc.)
Image of laptop with carcode login page

Installing the CarCode button on BOTH Desktop and Mobile

Capture desktop and mobile users. In April 2016, for dealers who were live all month with a widget on both their mobile and desktop sites, 25% of leads came from desktops and 75% came from mobile devices.

Customizing your CarCode button

You can customize the color, size, wording and location of the CarCode widget through the CarCode portal in the Admin settings. If you need help, contact 855-EDMUNDS. If you are interested in further customization, we can work with your web provider directly.

Example of beautiful carcode button

Winning Strategies

Use CarCode to Reach Unresponsive Customers

Didn’t receive a reply to your email or phone call? Try sending the customer a text through CarCode. Use the "Invite Customer" feature to start a text conversation.

Communicate Effectively with Your Spanish Speaking Customers

If your dealership offers a bilingual experience, you can request a Spanish CarCode button. Use this button to route customers to a Spanish-speaking salesperson.

Advertise your CarCode-Assigned Phone Number in other Marketing Channels

For example, include your dedicated number in window stickers, service repair orders (ROs), photo overlays, email signatures billboards, etc.

Review Transcripts Regularly

Periodically review the conversations in your account, and don’t forget to edit your CarCode user list if someone leaves your department.

TIP: Management can request to be copied on all leads, without having to be responsible for responding to customers.

Conduct Monthly Performance Reviews

Check in on your team’s performance and review responsiveness to shoppers. Remember, customers texting your dealership are looking for quick answers. Use this as an opportunity to refine your internal processes.

Send Photos

When discussing a vehicle with a shopper, use CarCode to send photos of the car. This can create a stronger connection with the customer. In the service department, you can send photos of possible repairs, like worn items that need to be replaced.

Set up Google Analytics Goals

If you have a Google Analytics account, this is easy to do. The CarCode widget comes with built-in Google Analytics tracking, which can be added to your Google Analytics account. All statistics about CarCode widget use is visible to you and can be used to create and monitor goals.